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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Household items, local events, services and even local thrift shops advertise on Gumtree but I have found it to be quite the little earner. Those of you who are regular readers will know I have de-cluttering like a woman possessed.

I love Gumtree, you can have an advert up and running in moments. Last weekend I posted an advert for my husband’s old bike whilst he was cleaning out the garage and before he’d even finished the clear out we had got rid of the bike and were £25 up!

I’m not alone: “As of November 2010, it was the UK’s largest website for local community classifieds and was one of the top 30 websites in the UK, receiving 14.8 million monthly unique visitors according to a traffic audit.” []

I also think this is a better avenue to sell large household items than EBay as collection is the norm here but also it’s FREE.

I would suggest downloading the app Apple Android as you can take pictures with your phone and upload your advert straight away, or like me, hop in the car for your day out and construct your advert on the move. By the time you get home you could well have people lined up to buy.

Select a category

Don’t worry if you have to select other as most people will be doing typed searches anyway so ensure the title of your product will capture a slightly wider audience for example:

You have a Childs wardrobe to sell. Some people may just search wardrobe when looking for a child’s wardrobe. Also is there any difference between a child’s wardrobe and a regular wardrobe? Therefore, just call your item a wardrobe so as to not narrow your audience.

You can upload a maximum of 9 photographs.

Always try to upload at least 3 photographs. Ensure you take good photographs without a busy background as that will detract from the item itself. and highlight any areas of damage or wear and tear that the buyer needs to be aware of.

You will also be asked here to add a description.

Make sure your clear and honest with the description you have up to 10,000 words here so you can be as descriptive as you need to be. I try to get the try condition across here so the buyer knows what they are getting when they arrive at my house to collect. Please also INCLUDE DIMENSIONS. So many adverts I have to contact the seller for dimensions.

Be honest about the item’s condition. Consider this also when thinking of your price.

Finalise your description

Include Sold as seen. No returns/refunds. Cash and collection only please.

Be realistic with your price

If you want rid of something let the price reflect that allowing yourself a little wiggle room because haggling I’ve found is common place

Try to think about what you originally paid for it and have you had your money’s worth out of the item? I have bought a lot of baby items from Gumtree and sold them for very close to what I bought them for originally.

When thinking of your price though, also think what your other options are though ie: it will go to the trip = £0 or you will spend more time selling via a carboot sale which will cost you more time not to mention the fuel to get to your carboot sale. If you really want rid why make someone else’s day and let them have a bargain.

How do you want buyers to be able to contact you initially

Ensure to enter your location, just the town is sufficient I would not advise publishing your full address and only give it out once you have a buyer who will contact you privately via email, text or Gumtree Messaging.*

*I’ve had problems with Gumtree messaging as it hasn’t always alerted me and I’ve missed sales in the past so I no longer offer it as a contact method on my adverts. In settings you can activate message alerts though but do remember to do this if you allow Message as one of you contact methods.

But wait I’m clearly an advocate of the site but in order to give an honest review there is a pitfall.

One flaw of Gumtree

Your advert disappears if your item is unsold so be sure to copy and save all detail so you don’t have to rewrite your advert if you need to add it on the site again (although most of my stuff sells relatively quickly) you do get notified when your advert is due to expire.

As with most of the selling sites there are rules, but you can read these here:

Good luck x

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