Let KonMari Spark Joy In Your Undies

I heard about a book a while ago called Stuffocation: Living More With Less after reading the book I became acutely aware of stuff around me and it started to consume my thoughts. I realised I’d got comfortable in the house by surrounding myself with stuff. As my husband and I tried to survive the financially crippling period in our lifes of paying childcare (my previous post talks about how we survived here and how you could save over £7k a year on childcare costs). We collected things that may come in useful, we accepted any gifts and hand me downs even if we didn’t have an immediate need for it which meant our home was resembling a car boot sale.

A social media craze I am particularly thankful for means I am now proud to show you my underwear…….

Marie Kondo the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever talks about everything in your life sparking joy, she breaks down different areas of your “stuff which helps you concentrate on one area at a time. Not only this but there is then a folding
and storage method. I can now see all the clothes I own and I now enjoy putting my clothes away so I can keep my drawers looking like a Pinterest board.

Since moving house and seeing how much pointless crap I had I have been de-cluttering. While clearing out I have realised how stuff makes me feel suffocated, unable to concentrate, restricted and so getting rid of it is a pure delight now.

untitledWatching Maura Malloy on TED, YouTube was an inspiration. “When asked how he created his masterpiece, Michael Angelo said “it was simple. You chip away until you see David”” she later closes by challenging us to “chip away all that is unnecessary, until you’re living your masterpiece”

I am NOT a minimalist, I don’t think I ever could be but I have learnt to simplify my surroundings and by doing so have found some peace. Masterpiece is a work in progress, watch this space…….

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