Order Your Chaos In 4 Simple Steps

It’s really though being a total over thinker. Overanalysing everything is exhausting. I try desperately to get everything out of my head to clear some space meaning I tend to write everything down. However I’ve come to realise all this planning is preventing the doing meaning I often feel overwhelmed. I have been trying to combat this and here’s what I’m executing now to help keep my “lists for everything” in hand;

Live by the 1 minute rule

Rather than write the task on a To-Do list or look at the floordrobe for the 3rd time that morning, thinking “I’ll tidy that after I’ve put a load in the washing machine, emptied the dishwasher, made my coffee etc etc…” I just get that 1 minute chore done there and then.

I left work for a holiday last week and as I wrote my to do list for when I came back, I looked at the clock and at least two of the tasks could fit within the 15mins I had left in my day. I did them, completed and they didn’t even make it onto the list.

Consolidate your lists

As I write this I have:

  • A meal planner, with shopping listbrainstorming-441010
  • A blogger to do list
  • 2 Works to do lists, one for now and one for when a particularly large project has completed (lower priority tasks)
  • Diary Hardcopy
  • iPhone Diary
  • Hardcopy Diary
  • Outlook Calendar
  • House and it’s DIY needs list
  • School Uniform List

I think I could go on, I basically have a lot of notepads, books, post-it notes strewn around the house, various handbags, my purse, memo’s on my phone. Think you’ll agree I need to sort it out.

With this dis-organised chaos going on it’s not surprising I still miss things and they are usually pretty important appointments but because I’m constantly writing lists I then really beat myself up about missing things. Not only that but I feel like I’m wishing my life away far too quick just so I can get 5 or 6 things knocked off my list(s).

There are methods, worksheets, whiteboards, family planners, weekly planners and notebooks. Take a look at my To Do’s and planners board on Pinterest I add to it most weeks as I develop into a super organised being.

I have always thought I don’t have time for the Bullet Journal but I’ve been reading more about them this week and can see a simpler (less pretty, but practical nevertheless) way to keep a Bullet Journal which will enable me to consolidate these lists. Follow me …… to see my simpler process come to life over the next month or so and watch me construct my journal.

Learn to say NO

I have got better at this in recent years. I was getting to a point where I would turn up to the opening of an envelope.

My schedule and keeping up with the different family members schedules, slotting in the errands inbetween meant that I was returning to work after the weekend, really not knowing which way was up which is no good for anybody.

I learned to say no, and not feel like I had to make up an excuse. My life is busy and I must remind myself to slow it down a bit at times and accept that I can’t be involved in everything.

Give yourself a break 

woman-1169316_640I love seeing things come off a list, but I tend to just make my list bigger and bigger by procrastinating from time to time.

Life and things to do can easily become overwhelming. I treat myself to a day off from to do from time to time and either don’t do one at all or list things (usually mentally) I’ve achieved rather than repeatedly reading a list of things I’m yet to do (it’s too disheartening).

My have done list is often a list of very small achievements eg; hung washing out, unloaded dishwasher. Reviewing all the things I can do before getting the kids off to childcare and arriving at work at 8.30 can be really satisfying and motivate me.

Good Luck xx

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  1. 14/09/2016 / 11:56 am

    Too many notes and t-dos, wow! I like organising my stuff too but when there are so many to do, I lose it and procrastinate instead. Then start all over again with the planning, of course. Anyway, great post!

    Nour | http://www.ohmynour.com

    • maybtoday
      14/09/2016 / 12:58 pm

      Far too many, my bullet journey however has really helped me get a grip this week. I love a list too but find I often spend my time planning and not doing.

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