These Lidl Dupes Save Me £1222 A Year

Changing any habit can be hard, but have you realised that food shopping is habitual? My habits were costing me £1222 a year, here’s what I did to change.

Yes, we tend to use shops in close proximity to us but more often than not we still choose to use one shop over another to buy our essentials. In recent years I have completely changed my shopping habits, and in turn develop a new more financially appealing habit for my growing family. (By growing I mean my food bill has increased significantly now there are 4 people in the house as appose to just my husband and I, but not only that these children actually eat an disproportionate amount of food for their size.)

advertising-561651_640I switched my grocery shopping to Lidl some time ago and my bank balance is far better off for it. A full trolley load, which typically lasts us about 2 – 3 weeks now costs me on average £83. This compared to the £130 I used to spend on a trolley load has meant I now save approximately £1222 a year on my food bills.

I wouldn’t call myself brand loyal as such which I suppose helped the transition. Since I moved my loyalties to Lidl however their range has increased and broadened vastly making it a lot simple to make that switch.

If you’re still feeling dubious I have listed my top Lidl Dupes below. (N.B: some of the branded products mentioned below are available in Lidl alongside the items I’ve replaced them for).

  1. Heinz Tomato Ketup £1.65* vs Lidl’s own brand 59p* (this is one brand I was loyal too, but in my opinion the Batt’s Ketcup tastes just as fab.)Lidl Dupes
  2. Cathedral City £3.39* vs Valley Spire Cheese £1.79*
  3. Shreddies £2.49* vs Malt Wheaties 89p*
  4. Mini Chedders £1.79* vs Mini Cheese Bakes 89p*
  5. Muller Lights 55p* vs Milabourn Fat Free 30p* (if you’re on slimming world these are also syn free. Win Win)
  6. Oreo biscuits £1.89*vs Neo 99p*
  7. imageAnd a whopper you may have heard about already (drum roll please)……………Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume £49* – Madame Glamour’s Suddenly £3.99*. Martin Lewis from The Money Saving Expert wrote about this one some time ago and ever since it’s been a staple for my desk at work.

Some others to make your transition easier could also be;

  • Toilet roll. Toilet roll is toilet roll right?
  • Fruit and Veg. the fruit and veg in my Lidl is always beautifully fresh, extreamly well stocked and I’d go as far as to say the best selection of fresh food available in my local area.

A game changer for me, as a vegetarian was when they introduced Quorn and Linda McCartney products. As a vegetarian this is my staple food and now means I can use Lidl as a one stop shop.

Ontop of all this I have recently been getting paid to shop in Lidl by mystery shopping or doing market research. On my last outing I earned £12 and only spent £12.52!

I use the apps: Roamler and StreetSpotr for these, check them out. I have talked about money makings apps before in my previous post take a look to find a few more.

*Prices are what I have researched and found.

**This is NOT a sponsored post **
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