How To Be Virtually Un-Busy

OK so, I feel basically virtually busy most of my waking hours and sometimes even in my sleep. We all have busy lives but in this day and age (love how this saying makes me feel like my grandparents) we have to also contend with being virtually busy. I have (again) used the KonMari method to declutter and organise my digital life.

We have mobile devices flashing emails, reminders, notifications, “time to submit your meter readings” virtual prompts several times a day and I for one am finding it is all getting a bit out of hand and un-manageable.

This last two weeks I have made steps to calm this all down a notch or two. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will know that I have been sorting my “stuff” and making my living environment altogether more peaceful, calm and clutterless. However all this so far has been sorting tangible objects in my life. The more I do the clearer headed and calmer I become in my surroundings, but I figure it’s not just tangible objects that are creating havoc with my wellbeing.

Here are the actions I’ve taken so far:



    • I have deleted all emails and unsubscribed from 27 websites.

      (These all emailed a minimum of 1 email a day, I simply don’t have time to read them, if I want the information I will go and look for it).

    •  I have decluttered the apps on my phone and organised them into folders.

      Remember the KonMari method, Determine if each item “sparks joy” if not that then “is it useful?”

  • The apps that remain I have reviewed all their push notifications.

  •  Unfollowed Facebook Groups – they were no longer relevant to me.

  •  Organised my photos, deleting almost 200 iphone photos in 1 seating!!!

  • I have favourite and bookmarked the websites I use each day.

    This has allowed me to deal with work, blogging, banking, etc. separately. I get easily distracted but to only open all tabs in the folder has allowed me to concentrate on that one subject until I have completed what I set out to do and then move onto the next area in my life.

  • Allow myself time and turn my devices off. Actually off, not just silenced.

Uninterrupted time with my family is important ” memories are in experiences not things” I have to remind myself what’s important to me in life and having my children remember their childhood seeing my face and not just remembering me looking at screens is really important to me.

I believe that children learn from what they experience and I want to see them develop social skills not social media skills.

pinterest-virtual-busyThis is a work in progress for me but I have a new attitude since doing my clear out. I have sorted and organised my chaos elsewhere in my life but you can’t ignore your digital clutter, get on top of it today.

Let me know what digital aspect of your life you are now going to organise and how (will you use the KonMari method?), inspire me.

Good Luck x

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